new way for you to raise money online for your not-for-profit, charity, social enterprise, and community project.


At its simplest, you'll create a campaign page online and promote it to as many people as you can.  Then do your project follow up with your supporters to show them what you've spent the money on.


most common CHARITY campaigns:


Non-profits, charities, and social enterprises looking for funding for a social cause project, product, or program Individuals looking for funding for Individuals and organizations Individuals or teams doing a challenge and raising funds for a charity or non-profit.


GECC only accept campaigns that align with our other social cause areas. If you don't believe in addressing climate change or supporting refugees, or you're protesting against marriage equality, we're unlikely to approve your campaign. We reserve the right to decline any Campaign.


Due to regulatory issues, our legal department won't allow us to run Charity campaigns involving raffles, guns, and firearms or the direct offer of financial products including debt, equity, or profit shares.


How much can you raise?

How much you raise depends on how much effort you put into preparing for your campaign and promoting it to your supporters. 


How much are the fees?

GECC operates on an optional donation model. We don't charge any fees to people running campaigns. Here's how it works: GECC collect 1.5% processing fee. Simple.


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Good partners make all the difference in the world.

Global European Chamber of Commerce has the customizable tools and solutions you need to create and enhance your Crowdfunding and corporate giving strategy, empower your stakeholders, and support high-impact projects around the world.


Direct arrangement and direct introduction are the key offers of our Chamber.   Direct high-level dialogues with global economic bodies are within reach.

We all put up our hands to do something - big or small. To make it simple to fundraise. To make it easy to find a community of people who wanted to support. And to give the rest of us a more transparent and effective way of making the world we want to see.

We understand your destination for solutions.


We make it easier. Explore the latest solutions in social responsibility with our team and our global network of corporate partners.