Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC)understands the pressure of a sustainable and efficient network. Often times we are left out when it comes to offshore contacts.  We can help in your global initiative program through our reliable and effective networking engagement with multi-lateral institutions,  private/ government business coalitions, and international business affiliations.


Global European Chamber of Commerce prequalify businesses and businesspeople that are only suited to your need before you meet anyone of them.  Saving you time is our focus. 


The European Chamber of Commerce organizes its membership in three economic groups. Under these three groups, members can set up business sections according to their sectoral interests. ECC participates proactively in consultation and policy proposals with the corresponding government as well as at an EU level.

Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

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Intercontinental market is simply easier with Global ECC.

Global ECC cuts the drama of networking. B to B is achievable in shorter time.

Membership contacts plus Global ECC affiliation with Chamber is the Key.


Our MEMBERS say about us

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B2B arrangement and direct introduction is the key offer of our Chamber.   If you are a member, direct high-level dialogues with global economic bodies are within reach.


GECC believes that every business needs more than just a platform.  But a partner that supports your vision by connecting them to companies that have the same mission.  GECC is a partner, not just a platform.



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West European Region

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Global European Chamber of Commerce has the customizable tools and solutions you need to create and enhance your market search and corporate empowerment, and support high-impact projects around the world.


Direct arrangement and direct introduction are the keys to high-level dialogues with global economic bodies.


Good partners make all the difference in the world.

Good partners make all the difference in the world.

We all put up our hands to do something - big or small. To make it simple and to make it easy to find a community of people you wanted to meet and who wanted to meet.  And to give a more transparent and effective way of making the world we want to see.

SriramaRaju Chakravaramm

CEO -  India