GECC provides members the opportunity to access business networks available


The Global European Chamber of Commerce offers several types of membership that are designed to best suit the needs of business interest in today’s ever-changing economy. 


Our Program is simple.  We are result-oriented membership.  We believe in what the Chambers can do and the Chamber's sustainability base on success which we all work and adhere to.


Your membership is your gateway to your business networking.  And, we match what you are looking for.

We do the work.  You save time.

We understand the pressure of a sustainable and efficient network but are often left out when it comes to offshore contacts.  Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC) can help in your global initiative program through our reliable and effective networking engagement with multi-lateral institutions,  private/ government business coalitions, and international business affiliations.


Global European Chamber of Commerce prequalify businesses and businesspeople that is suited to your need before you meet because saving you time is our focus.  B2B arrangement and direct introduction is the key offer of our Chamber. If you are a member, direct high-level dialogues with global economic bodies are within reach.




Let us help you gain visibility through our credibility.

It’s imperative that every business has a constant concern in addressing ways of establishing and managing contacts to be in the global supply chains. The Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC) constantly builds a network of international companies to promote dialogue and drive better business contacts that advocate preemptive and systemic programs that enable investment to finite resources.


The Chamber is committed to improving individual businesses through a series of focused introductions and initiatives with other businesses.  We explore impediments for successful cooperation between  B2B.   We also help arrange with Investment Companies that offers technology financing programs


The Chamber offers global opportunities for experts from financial and development institutions to share ways to improve our member's position in the marketplace.


The Global European Chamber of Commerce is an organization that helps businesses on one-on-one relationships with others that lead beyond those that can be achieved alone.

We drive action by working together to achieve more.